Shattered Faces

One-hour historical drama

War-torn Paris, 1917. Having sworn to never touch a brush again, a tormented painter is asked to paint prosthetic masks for disfigured soldiers. When she accepts the job in hopes of redemption, she learns to live anew among the colourful bohemia of Montmartre. Based on a true story.

2021 Sloan Foundation's Episodic Award recipient

2020 ScreenCraft Drama shortlisted finalist


Dark comedy feature

When a misanthropic pothead is sentenced to community service at a children’s cancer ward, she’s unenthusiastically assigned to a clever boy whose poetic imagination challenges her view on life.

2022 Table Read My Screenplay semi-finalist

2022 Creative Screenwriting UNIQUE VOICES quarter-finalist

Searching For Tutankhamun

Historical Adventure Drama Feature

In 1921 colonial Luxor, a poor Egyptian who dreams of rising above his station resorts to trafficking ancient artifacts to repay a dangerous debt. But when he falls in love with an English archaeologist and her search for Tutankhamun’s tomb, he’s forced to choose between his newfound passion and his family’s safety.

2021 PAGE Awards semi-finalist

2020 Cynosure Screenwriting Awards 2nd Place Winner

The Curious Disappearance of Monsignor Delarue

Tragi-Comedy Feature

In 1905, The French Government declared the State independent from the Church. Laicity was born. And with it a great deal of bickering between the Jesus-Freaks and the Clergy-Haters. Things got a bit out of hand when a priest mysteriously disappeared. Based on a crazy true story.

In A Glass, Darkly

Horror anthology series

We’ve all seen Dracula, Frankenstein, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde a hundred times. But what about those lesser known blood-curdling tales by the same great writers? IN A GLASS, DARKLY brings forgotten 19th-century horror back to life in a modern half-hour anthology series.

If Only Tonight We Could Sleep

Psychological horror thriller

Co-written with Erin Vassilopoulos

A woman accompanying her husband on a business trip to Sweden after a sudden death gets drawn into a mysterious mountain hotel where residents never sleep.

The Monk

Horror limited series

Adapted from the novel by Matthew Lewis

In the God-fearing Spain of the Inquisition, a holy monk makes a pact with the Devil to obtain the woman he loves, unsuspecting of the demons it will unleash.

The Unfinished Sonata

Historical Drama feature

London, 1851. After escaping the insane asylum where she was wrongly imprisoned, a brilliant pianist discovers her treasonous husband is publishing her work under his own name. Determined to seek revenge, she will not rest until reclaiming her greatest strength: music.

2021 Academy Nicholl Fellowship quarter-finalist

2020 Big Break Screenwriting Contest semi-finalist

Madeleine's Reflection

Historical Drama Feature

London, 1826. When a rebellious young woman escapes a convent to pursue her passion for acting, she meets the mysterious painter Delacroix who asks her to pose as Shakespeare’s mad Ophelia. As her career begins to soar, the role of Ophelia consumes her, blurring the lines between reality and madness. Based on a real painting.

2021 ScreenCraft True Story Competition quarter-finalist

The Glass Eyes

Historical Horror Short

Paris, 1872. As an infamous murderess is about to be guillotined, she confides in a priest for a last return into her ghastly past.

2020 ScreenCraft Horror Competition quarter-finalist